About us

urokimusicThe urokimusic project has been operating since 2007. We are company based in Kiev, Ukraine. Our teachers have taught music to thousands of students, feedback on urokimusic teachers, you can see on this page.

Since 2011, we have opened distance learning courses, created tens of thousands of video lessons, dozens of distance courses with a modular training system, hundreds of thematic video courses, and helped more than 30,000 of our subscribers learn how to sing and play various instruments. Payment and delivery of modular distance courses is carried out online.

We created content projects — we wrote hundreds of articles devoted to music, thousands of popular songs, so that our students could learn how to play accompaniment to their favorite songs while playing the chord part (accompaniment) on the guitar or piano. Examples of such educational materials and feedback, comments from our students can be found on this or this page.

We have created Internet technologies that help our students solve everyday musical tasks. There are quite a few such solutions, one of which is the chord sequence recognition functionality that is signed over the lyrics of the song and the transposition of this sequence in any key convenient for playing or singing can be viewed on this page.

Together with our partners from Japan, we launched a unique project on the Russian-speaking market for teaching solfeggio, harmony, and music theory. Established in 2010, the training system of this project, captivated the students and teachers of music in many countries around the world and is now available in the Russian-speaking space. Its creation was made possible thanks to the rapid development of technologies that make learning affordable and convenient. To achieve efficiency in practicing the exercises, in this system of training, game mechanics and gamification are used, which makes boring exercises for the study of theoretical disciplines an exciting game and a real adventure. Acquainted with the project, as well as read reviews about it from students from around the world can be on this page.

In order to learn to play on your favorite instrument popular songs could even people who do not know musical notation, we created the technology of teaching video notes with visualization of the fingering and simultaneous demonstration of the instructor. Examples of such video notes can be seen on this page.

Starting in 2018, we have been releasing apps for Android and iOS platforms that help learn music. Links to our apps on Google Play and on the AppStore

We continue to improve the quality of implemented projects, listen to your wishes and closely monitor new developments in the methodology, as well as in technology, to make the process of learning music simple and accessible to you!